30 August 2011

REVIEW: Rumparooz Pocket diaper

Details Cost: $23.50 solids and $25.50 prints from KangaCare.
Fits 6-35+lbs
Pocket shell outer made from TPU with microchamois inner with double gusset.
Available in snap or H&L closure; Rise adjusts snap down rise in 4 positions
2 microfiber inserts (1 newborn size and 1 full size) that can be used separately or together with 6 overall options. Hemp and bamboo inserts available for additional cost.
Likes The soft inner gusset keeps poop in without leaving red marks on chubby thighs.
The double gusset makes a large pocket that is very easy to stuff. It is possible to add quite a bit in the pocket which is especially helpful for overnight. A PF fits easily.
The outer TPU is smooth and soft. It seems to be a higher thread-count than other pocket diapers. The microchamois inner has held up without excessive pilling.
The smallest rise setting means that a newborn can wear this, although it will be a bit bulky.
Personally, I love the lower rise as it works well for my daughter's shape. She has a buddha belly and baby booty, but has a smallish waist. Diapers need to be able to snap under her belly and have generous cut rear to provide full coverage.
No issues with leaking.
Dislikes Low rise can mean plumber butt on chubbier babies, or babies with a longer rise. For a month or so (10-11 months old) these didn't fit my daughter terribly well. Once she started walking, she slimmed down and these fit even better than they had previously.
The microfiber inserts were were absorbent but I had issues with stink. The hemp inserts are very absorbent and I have had no stink issues yet but they become misshapen with washing. The layers of hemp twist and it is difficult to get them to lay flat.
The large pocket opening is located in the back of the diaper and, with particularly messy poops, poop ends up inside the pocket.
The inner gusset is great for keeping poop in the diaper. They also end up being a bit hard to get clean because poop is caught in the gathers. Overall this is not a huge issue as I always manage to get them clean and stain-free but it's still worth mentioning.
Comments These seem to be pretty hit or miss with people. Some love them and others hate them. The main issue seems to be the fit- these still fit my daughter at 18 months but I know mamas who stop using them after just a few months.
Overall These are well made and easy to get. They are not as generous in the rise as some diapers but for certain babies this is not a problem. The materials are good quality and has held up well. I'm excited to try these with our next little one in the smallest settings.

Whale Tale on left shown in third snap position. Root Beer on right shown unsnapped.

Microchamois inner with double gusset.

Diaper with Hemp insert. Newborn insert snapped into full size soaker.

Third snap position @ 13 months.

Third snap position @ 13 months.

Unsnapped rise @13 months.

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